ICE Ruling Regarding Foreign Students

This past summer, prior to the start of this fall semester amidst a global pandemic, ICE released policy regarding the visas of international student. This statement was put in place to only allow international students who are taking fully in-person classes, or only one online class to remain in the country for their education. With so many other issues being faced by these universities and, especially, these students, there is no question whether this ruling was a bit ridiculous. Many schools, across the nation, namely MIT and Harvard, fought back against ICE, saying that this not only affects the students’ wellbeing and ability to obtain an education, but puts schools in a bad place financially. It seems to me that this was more of a malicious attack than what it was framed to be, simply using the pandemic to excuse the overprotection of our borders and declining student visas this year.

Fall 2020 LB 492 011