For the mid semester essay assignment I have narrowed down three possibilities that I am interested in looking deeper into:

  1. Representation of Minorities and Women in Publication: For this topic I would look especially at Hidden Figures and Radioactive to analyze how each of these pieces were constructed to represent the main characters. Both aimed to bring light to people who are less well known, based on the fact that they are not white men in the scientific fields, but they do so in different ways. I could analyze the Vice article discussing the changes made to Hidden Figures, and compare that to the entirely nonfiction style of Radioactive. I would look at which one did a better job at representation, which one represented its characters the best, and which did a better job at drawing the public’s attention.
  2. How Equal Representation Influences the Scientific Field: For this second topic, I would look at Feminist Standpoint Theory by Megan Halpern, and relate it to pieces like Radioactive, and also connect that to the Oreskes reading on heroism. I would make an argument that they way the scientific field is influenced by heroism supports a male dominated field, but how people like Marie Curie and other women and minorities with different perspectives have a positive influence on the findings of science. I would bring to light the argument in feminist standpoint theory that states that including more perspectives makes science more valid and applicable, because there is no such thing as being truly objective.
  3. How Art Influences Science and Learning: For this final topic idea I would look into different expressions of art in science, looking at the science art museums and Radioactive to show how including art in science can increase public understanding and interest. I could bring in personal experiences from both reading Radioactive, and how the art in it influenced my learning, and also by creating art as a different way of understanding different topics in class. I would make an argument for more publications such as Radioactive, and also the integration of art into science classes.

Fall 2020 LB 492 011